Thorn Tree

Thorn Tree

Camping is not prominent at all in Costa Rica, and there is no designated camping on the coastlines, there is also no way to safeguard your campsite, and also the most significant problem is theft, which prevails as well as widespread, particularly versus a foreigner on a coastline. Yes the citizens will camp on the beaches, mainly on vacation at Easter Break, or else, I would very recommend you obtain a cabina,

Outdoor camping at the Ranger Stations at national parks where enabled is one more matter, as well as far much safer as well as prominent option for hikers and nature enthusiasts. Corcovado is the best, though an all the time trek thru the forest with kids? Lots of adults have problem with his hostile trip, in addition to you require to cross a river at low trend to go to next ranger terminal between Sirena and also La Leona.

I discover Ludwips pointer of auto parking your tent on any kind of coastline unreasonable, just how will you maintain it risk-free? How are you getting around Costa Rica? if you have a rental auto, the various other large concern is, don’t leave anything in the vehicle neglected, so while your at the coastline, the vehicle is at risk and all your possessions …

Both locations at the coastline where individuals do camp, in Playa Tamarindo, which is in a swamp/bog as well as mainly druggies and also down and also out, and also the various other area, near Dominical, can be much of the same. In all my years surfing as well as going around the nation as well as its beaches on both coastline, I have sen few people camping on the coastlines, as well as the last time I camped on a beach, remained in Samara, when I had a safe space, but we ended up partying all night on the beach and collapsing there, with absolutely nothing more than our boards and also beer …


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