The Story Behind the Tale of El Dorado

The Story Behind the Tale of El Dorado

Lake Guatavita I © C.C.P. Photography/Flickr South America teems with mystery, legends as well as mythical stories– nowhere is this even more real than in Colombia, where one of one of the most extensive tales is that of El Dorado. Described as a chief, city as well as realm at different points throughout history, this is a legend that has been given via the generations. Right here’s our guide to whatever you require to find out about Colombia’s remarkable past.El Dorado was a term first made use of by the Spanish Empire to define the mythological principal of the Muisca tribe which lived in the Andes region of Colombia, in the highlands of Cundinamarca and also Boyaca. The Muisca tribe belonged to the big 4 people of the Americas (Aztec, Maya, Inca and also Muisca) between 800 and 500BCE.

Lake Guatavita I © C.C.P. Photography/Flickr

The legend of El Dorado goes back to the first published creating referring to the tale in 1638, when author Juan Rodriguez Freyle created “El Carmero”, that included an account of a sacred event. According to Freyle, the ceremony of El Dorado states that prior to a person is allowed to come to be the tribe’s principal, they need to very first hang out in a cave, without salt items, or having the ability to leave. The very first journey they ventured on after that was to Lake Guatavita, to participate in a offering event. In this ceremony the people would make offerings and also sacrifices to the demon, in who they praise as a god as well as lord.It is thought that throughout this ceremony the chief-to-be based on a raft, decorated with the tribe’s most appealing offerings. The principal was covered in gold dust and also set on the boating with gold and emeralds– the plethora was after that pressed off from the shore as well as the offerings were tossed into the water in the center of the lake. This symbolized a brand-new ruler being initiated, as well as was from thereon in received as lord or king.Lake Guatavita

© Willys Alberto Sevillano/ Flickr This story had actually been told over many years

and also in many different roles, but the released proof of the tale made Spanish intruders think it was true, and it inspired many explorers to look backwards and forwards the country looking for the mystical lake. In 1537, Lake Guatavita was found by Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada, while looking the nation for gold. As it turned out, a big quantity of gold was found around the lake, supporting the tales as well as appealing others to search the nation for even more of the same, with 3 attempts to drain the lake occurring in 1545, 1580 as well as 1898. The final effort was carried out by a British traveler named Hartley Knowles, whose expedition group effectively drained pipes the lake much less than four foot deep, however the muddy and also slimed bottom made searching for gold impossible. This was not helped by the sun which ran out all the mud as well as turned it into concrete. In time, the lake was made a National Heritage website in 1965, and gold browsing, draining and exploring ended up being illegal.The Spanish were so impressed by the fact in the tale that it triggered them to further look for a city or town, where they believed the tribal gold was kept– a belief highlighted by the truth that maps had actually been found bring about a lost city packed with gold. Numerous Spaniards invested years browsing but they never ever discovered the city, though the look for the lost city of El Dorado proceeded for years prior to travelers offered up.Today a huge amount of gold located in Lake Guatavita is showcased along with a gold raft, total with offerings as well as a principal are presented within the Gold Museum in Bogotá

‘s historic centre.Raft of El Dorado Event located in Colombia © young shanahan/ Flickr Source

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