The 18 Best Dining Establishments in San José

The 18 Best Dining Establishments in San José

For decades, internet users as well as eco-tourists filled aircrafts to Central America’s most preferred traveling location, but food-focused tourists have actually discovered lots to love in Costa Rica’s waters as well as forests, as well. The country’s numerous microclimates gradually funnel a bounty of seafood and also produce right into the dynamic resources of San José, where ingredients make their method into casados (assortments of rice, beans, meat, salad, and also extra), bocas (bar treats), and dynamic seafood specializeds. Make time to consume at one of the city’s family-run soft drinks típicas, example traditional dishes like gallo pinto (the nation’s take on rice as well as beans), check out the stands of the Central Market, as well as eat at premium dining establishments like Sikwa, where chef Pablo Bonilla has fun with the Native pantry as well as jungle-to-table cooking.

While COVID-19 has actually wetted worldwide traveling all over, including Costa Rica, the country’s waves, tropical jungles, and beaches stay equally as stunning. For whenever tourists have the ability to plan their escape to paradise, here is Eater’s guide to consuming and also alcohol consumption like a savvy Tico in San José.

Cost Secret
$ = 2,400 – 9,000 Costa Rican colónes ($4 – $15 USD)
$$ = 9,500 – 24,000 colónes ($16 to $40 USD)
$$$ = Over 30,000 colónes ($50 USD and up)

The level of solution supplied in feedback to the COVID-19 pandemic is indicated on each map point. For upgraded details on coronavirus cases in Costa Rica, please check out

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