Tamarindo Costa Rica Hotels

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One of the greatest Tamarindo Costa Rica hotels  in Guanacaste

Here in the Best Western Tamarindo Hotel Vista Villas, we strive to create a wonderful hotel. Dedicated to not only providing a great experience for each one of our guests, but to also improve their lives. By providing the opportunity for our guests to have truly genuine and personal interactions with our friendly staff we hope to provide a window into the warm-hearted Costa Rican culture: a culture of caring. As a result, we choose to care in a way that is unrivaled by any other Tamarindo Costa Rica hotel. We have set up community development programs, environmental stewardship programs, and provide unparalleled educational and financial programs for our very own staff so that they will always be passionately motivated to provide the best experience possible to our guests. All of this translates into a spectacular operation and has grown the hotel into a model for other businesses in the Tamarindo community.

That´s why people from all over the world visit us on a regular basis. In fact, at any given time you will probably meet people from Costa Rica, United States, Canada, Brasil and Argentina, as they are our top 5 visiting nationalities.  To see the exact figures you can visit our blog about the top ten nationalities visiting Tamarindo.

 We truly hope that you come to explore our beautiful town, so that we can share its majesty with you. While you are in our hotel, we want you to always feel genuinely welcome and will never try to “nickel and dime” you, so we offer a wide array of free amenities meant to make your stay unforgettable. These include:

Free Surfboard Rentals, Free Boogie Board Rentals, Free Kayak Rentals, Free Snorkeling Equipment, Free Fully Equipped Gym and Free Internet

With these we can guarantee that you will always have something fun to do inside or outside our great hotel in Tamarindo. If you combine this with our spectacular views of Tamarindo Bay, and a perfect location right across the street from the beach, we are sure you never want to leave. Contact us now in order for our staff to help you make your reservation and  we hope to see you soon!


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