“Rio Cuarto Shallows”, The Deepest Volcanic Shallows in Costa Rica

“Rio Cuarto Shallows”, The Deepest Volcanic Shallows in Costa Rica

Submersed in the forest, yet quickly obtainable, you can discover the Río Cuarto Lagoon, located in the canton of Alajuela. This natural paradise is a fountain of youth for those that see it. It is located at 400 m.a.s.l. and it has a depth of 75 meters, which makes it the inmost all-natural shallows in Costa Rica.

Its paths around this environment-friendly water shallows, the significant native trees of the area and also the wind makes it a true restorative site.The lagoon generates life, thanks to its water, which works as a resource for the different types of birds that you can discover.

This lagoon teems with appeal, it has tropical fish and with the rays of the sun, it takes an emerald eco-friendly shade, thanks to the volcanic minerals with which it contains.The banks of the lagoon are made up of subangular lava blocks and also in the western industry some older lava circulations are observed, unrelated to the volcano.

There is no considerable or evident secondary activity, so it is an inactive volcano, with the exception of the adjustments in the color of its waters, towards red tones, a problem still controversial of whether it is volcanic, climatological task or another all-natural phenomenon.

Several fun activities available for the site visitors

The lagoon is quite crowded by fans of water sporting activities, because in its tranquil waters you can do virtually any kind of sort of water sporting activity, along with this they have the alternative of being able to spend an enjoyable night camping on the shore of the lagoon as well as trip the tracks that are bordering this field as well as admire the vegetation and animals.

It is very important to note that in this place there are no facilities or public services, so you have to bring your own food.

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