Population, GDP, Rising Cost Of Living, Company, Trade, FDI, Corruption

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Quick Facts
  • Population:
  • GDP (PPP):
    • $92.1 billion
    • 2.1% development
    • 3.3% 5-year substance annual development
    • $20,434 per head
  • Unemployment:
  • Rising Cost Of Living (CPI):
  • FDI Inflow:

Costa Rica’s economic freedom rating is 64.2, making its economic situation the 72nd freest in the 2021 Index. Its general rating has actually reduced by 1.6 points, mainly because of a decrease in monetary health. Costa Rica is placed 14th amongst 32 countries in the Americas region, as well as its general score is above the regional and world averages.

Costa Rica’s economy has been entraped in the mid-range of the moderately complimentary classification given that the inception of the Index in 1995. To begin a continual trajectory towards greater liberty as well as prosperity, the government, while proceeding its extensively received economic plans, will certainly require to discover the will to embark on politically challenging reforms to liberalize labor plans and also minimize budget plan deficits.IMPACT OF COVID-19: As

of December 1, 2020, 1,731 fatalities had actually been credited to the pandemic in Costa Rica, and the economic situation was forecast to contract by 5.5 percent for the year.


The most prosperous of the Central American Common Market’s five countries, Costa Rica has a lengthy background of autonomous stability and also one of Latin America’s highest levels of foreign direct financial investment per capita. Carlos Alvarado of the center-left Resident Activity Celebration was sworn in as head of state in 2018. Alvarado and elderly management authorities are under investigation for purportedly illegal information collection. Virtually fifty percent of functioning Costa Ricans are utilized in the casual market. Costa Rica is just one of three Main American countries to join China’s One Belt, One Roadway effort. When it has actually completed every one of the demands of its accession procedure, begun in 2015, Costa Rica will certainly end up being the first Central American member of the OECD.

Rule of RegulationView Methodology

Property civil liberties are normally secured. Safe rate of interests in both effects and also real property are recognized and imposed. Land registries are at times incomplete and even contradictory. The courts are independent and also neutral, as well as their authority is appreciated. Laws against corruption are generally well enforced, however multinational organizations have the ability to manipulate weak enforcement of laws versus money-laundering and various other monetary criminal offenses.

Federal government DimensionView Method

The leading private revenue tax price is 25 percent, and the top company tax obligation rate is 30 percent. The general tax concern equates to 22.0 percent of total residential revenue. Government spending has amounted to 20.2 percent of complete output (GDP) over the past three years, and also deficit spending have actually balanced 6.4 percent of GDP. Public financial obligation amounts 73.9 percent of GDP.

Regulatory PerformanceSight Method

A more dependable supply of electrical power with faster connections has enhanced the business environment, however insufficient to improve Costa Rica’s company freedom about that of various other nations. The labor force expanded in 2019, yet unemployment likewise boosted. The government funds hydroelectric power created by the state-owned electric utility and also funds big aids for the agricultural market.

Open MarketsView Methodology

Costa Rica has 13 advantageous profession arrangements effective. The trade-weighted typical toll price is 5.0 percent, as well as 64 nontariff steps are in effect. The federal government limits investment in some fields. The economic field functions reasonably well. In feedback to the pandemic, the central bank minimized the advantageous interest rates that state-owned financial institutions credit firms throughout all fields and reduced guidelines on the restructuring of finances.


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