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Living in Jaco, Costa Rica Tour

Living in Jaco, Costa Rica Tour

I've been living in Jaco for about six months now so I wanted to walk around and show you what the main part of town looks like.

Jaco is actually quite large (to my standards, being used to smaller two road towns). It has just about all you would need as an expat or someone coming to visit Costa Rica.

If you have been following along, you may know before our move to Jaco we were way up in a mountain in a very rural setting, so this has been a big change for us. None the less, we are enjoying it here and it has been a great experience so far!

I moved here to work on a project and it has also been an excellent location for my business.



If you ARE moving to Costa Rica and you need help... you may fill out an application via my website to set up a phone call with me to chat about some questions you may have and what the process could look like for you!

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