Jungle Survival in Costa Rica

Lots of travelers consider parts of Central America to be heaven provided the lots of beach hotels one can stay in. Nonetheless, getting shed away from civilization with little in the means of products creates a survival challenge that not many would want to face. The warmth, the moisture, and the numerous dangers can create an awkward journey. Which makes the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica the excellent area for Survivorman, Les Stroud, to stroll us through 7 days of survival strategies.

Les begins on the beach several miles far from human being. On one side of the beach is 1000 of miles of open sea and on the various other is thick jungle. His equipment consists of a pair of lengthy pants, swimming safety glasses, three pens, and also a multi-tool (looks like a Leatherman).

Throughout his examination of his instant environments, Les notes the trend degrees which there will likely be tidal pools he can check in on for fish. The beach additionally has various particles that could can be found in helpful such as a broom take care of. For instant hydration and also some nourishment, Les collects coconuts (both eco-friendly and also grown) which abound. With coconuts supplying required hydration, he has the ability to shift his emphasis to constructing a platform out of timber on which to sleep. His objective is to continue to be off the sand and also far from the various insects (roaches, sand fleas) and crabs that creep about at night.

On day 2, he still continues his search for fresh water and also gets lucky when he discovers a stream. The water is cold as well as looks clean, however he prevents drinking it for the time being. It wants all forest water so it is most likely loaded with bloodsuckers. Ultimately he will require to detoxify the water by steaming it in a conk shell once he is able to obtain a fire going. To begin with though is placing a roofing, in the form of a lean-to, over the wood system he built on day one.

With a survival sanctuary built, Les turns his focus to building a fire. Utilizing the mop he located earlier as a spindle, he gets a fire started fairly easily utilizing a the fire bow strategy. Fire, in this instance, is needed for security, food preparation food, and boiling water instead of for heat. The very first point he cooks are snails he collects from the tide swimming pools. Les describes how the water that comes out of the snail covering need to be clear. If instead it is environment-friendly, they shouldn’t be eaten.

On day 3 Les’ focus turns to getting more food. With the ocean at his feet, the noticeable point to try is fishing with a makeshift spear. He additionally utilizes the flexible waistband from a set of underclothing to help push the spear. Despite the danger of sharks that are in the location, Les endeavors in to the water and also after much trial and error he takes care of to spear a fish. With ease one might eliminate their garments when entering to the water, but Les maintains his on to make sure that he has some protection from jellyfish as well as from being scuffed by rocks and corral.

Day 4 starts with Les examining his boots for scorpions. Evidently more individuals pass away from scorpion hurts in their footwear than in differently. The most intelligent thing to do in this sort of circumstance is to stay on the coastline, however in the interest of the show, Les chooses to venture in to the jungle and also look for a trail. He loads his fire beginning tools as well as preparing a fire bundle using a coconut packed with tinder and also a hot coal.

The jungle is dense as well as requires a lot of hard work to make it through. Les sweats a lot which is much better than not sweating because that would certainly show that he was dried out. During his trip, Les finds a water vine from which he attempts to extract water. No luck though as it is dry. To make matters worse, he cuts his finger with his blade. Infections in the forest can be very bad so he covers the cut with a makeshift bandage.

When it becomes dark, Les chooses a huge dropped tree on which to relax for the evening. He decides to not construct a sanctuary since remaining warm is not a worry. And the fire bundle he brought along has gone out. Regrettably for Les, regardless of being off the ground, he is bothered by ants (there are 3.6 countless them per acre) and also various other insects as well as regrets not having a fire which would certainly keep things away.

Day 5 marks Les’ 2nd day in the jungle carrying 55 lbs of survival and also video camera equipment. The day is mostly uneventful, yet this time around Les constructs a fire for the evening using the fire bow he brought with him from the beach. He additionally has actually handled to kill a lizard in the process which he cooks over a fire.

On day 6 Les proceeds his go through the jungle ultimately coming across a stream. Although harmful to consume, Les is extra concerned with dehydration so he consumes from the stream. He also depends on the water to bring his core temperature to counter the results of the warmth and also moisture of the jungle. The stream additionally overviews Les back to the beach and choosing that the beach creates easier travel, he takes this possibility to leave the forest.

Following the shore does without a doubt exercise for Les as he discovers a little facility the adhering to day. Saved at last!


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