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How to Get Residency in Costa Rica

How to Get Residency in Costa Rica

Have you been wondering about IF you can get residency and HOW?

In this live stream you will learn the ways to get residency in Costa Rica straight from residency attorney Andres Gomez.

How to get residency in Costa Rica is one of the biggest questions I get asked to this day. In this live, you will find out exactly which ways you can get residency in Costa Rica and also listen as others ask questions and get answers on this topic.

If you would like to reach out to Andres Gomez directly to schedule a consultation and start your residency process, please email me at and I will set you up!

Are you ready to talk about your move to Costa Rica?

Book a free call on my website and we will discuss what the process may look like for you!

For more information and tips for moving, make sure to check out my Move to Costa Rica Information & Support playlist at:

Pura vida everybody and see you next week!

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