Costa Rica

All FSIS export certifications accompanying the item needs to be signed by an FSIS vet in blue ink. The vet degree (DVM or matching) have to be indicated after the signature.

  1. Accreditation Needs
    1. For fresh/frozen bone-in and also boneless beef and also beef tongues, kidneys, livers, hearts and tripe, get FSIS Type 9060-5, Meat as well as Chicken Export Certificate of Wholesomeness. The following statements have to be given on a FSIS Letterhead Certification:
      1. The United States follows the conditions specified in the OIE Terrestrial Pet Health Code as a nation with minimal BSE danger.
      2. The beef meat and also meat items underwent testing for chemical deposits in accordance with the USA National Residue Program tasting strategies.
      3. The product (beef, livers, tongues, hearts and also kidneys) was evaluated and passed as well as located fit for human intake.
      4. The beef and beef items were produced under compulsory HACCP laws and also go through microbiological screening as called for by FSIS policies and were found to be in full conformity.
    2. Fresh/frozen pork and also pork products – get FSIS Kind 9060-5, with the adhering to certification statements in addition offered on a FSIS Letterhead Certification:
      1. The United States is devoid of classic swine fever and also vaccination versus the condition is prohibited.
      2. The pork as well as pork items were stemmed from pets that underwent screening for chemical deposits based on the USA National Residue Program sampling strategies.
      3. The pork and pork items were checked and passed and also located to be wholesome and suitable for human consumption.
      4. The pork as well as pork items were created under necessary HACCP policies and also go through microbiological testing as required by FSIS regulations and also were discovered to be in full compliance.
    3. Fresh/frozen chicken – obtain FSIS Form 9060-5, with the complying with accreditation declarations additionally provided on a FSIS Letterhead Certification:
      1. The product was stemmed from birds originating from an area free of unique Newcastle condition as well as extremely pathogenic notifiable bird flu (HPNAI) for at the very least 21 days before massacre, and from birds subjected to ante-mortem as well as post-mortem evaluations for NAI with favorable results.
      2. The birds are the kids of flocks participating in the National Fowl Improvement Strategy which are consistently monitored as well as free from Salmonella pathogenic to poultry.
      3. The massacre plant or facility where the birds were refined was under main evaluation as well as is accredited to export poultry meat.
      4. The item was checked and passed and discovered fit for human usage.
      5. The fowl meat was generated under necessary HACCP laws that call for microbial screening and also written procedures to avoid contamination of carcasses and also parts by enteric pathogens as well as fecal contamination throughout the whole slaughter as well as dressing operation as well as was discovered to be in conformity.
      6. The chicken meat was generated based on the U.S. National Deposit Program.

      Totally cooked poultry meat items – obtain FSIS Kind 9060-5, as well as include the complying with qualification statement in the “Remarks” section:
      The totally prepared refined poultry product was created in accordance with USDA regulative demands.

    4. Fully prepared pork meat items – acquire FSIS Kind 9060-5, as well as include the following accreditation declaration in the “Remarks” area:
      The fully prepared processed pork item was created according to USDA governing demands.
    5. For Hog Covering derived/produced from pets slaughtered before May 17, 2013– Get the suitable Casings Export Certificate (FSIS Form 9060-7 Animal Casings Export Certificate for Countries Requiring Ante-Mortem, Post Mortem as well as Fit For Human Food Statements or FSIS Kind 9060-18 Animal Casings Export Certification for Countries Requiring Ante-Mortem, Article Mortem, as well as Audio as well as Clean Declarations) and also add the adhering to declaration in the Feedbacks area.
      Hog cases are derived/produced from animals slaughtered before May 17, 2013.”

All Government examined facilities are qualified to export to Costa Rica.

  1. Eligible Products
    1. Egg items
  2. Ineligible Products *
    1. Imported dehydrated egg items, with the exception of imported dried egg items imported from Canada

Documentation Requirements

  1. Obtain FSIS Form 9060-5EP
    1. For dehydrated egg items, additionally acquire FSIS Type 9060-5B. Include the complying with statements keyed in on the 9060-5B *
      1. The egg product stems from, or was lawfully imported right into, the United States.
      2. The item is subject to a treatment of a minimum of 67 ° C for a minimum of 20 hrs or another treatment which has actually been revealed to inactivate biological pathogens of worry transmissible via the product, and also procedures remain in area to avoid cross-contamination of the end product.
      3. The egg items undergo microbiological testing as required by FSIS regulations and were discovered to be in full compliance
    2. For all various other egg items, consist of the following statement enter the comments section of the FSIS Kind 9060-5EP:”The egg product has been sterilized in accordance with FSIS requirements.”

Plants Eligible for Export

All FSIS inspected egg products plants are qualified to export.


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