Costa Rica

Car collisions are the # 1 killer of healthy and balanced US people in foreign countries.

In lots of areas autos, buses, large vehicles, rickshaws, bikes, individuals on foot, and also pets share the very same lanes of web traffic, increasing the threat for crashes.


Be wise when you are taking a trip on foot.

  • Usage walkways as well as marked crosswalks.
  • Take note of the website traffic around you, specifically in jampacked locations.
  • Bear in mind, people on foot do not constantly have the access in other countries.

Pick a risk-free vehicle.

  • Select official taxis or mass transit, such as trains and buses.
  • Flight only in automobiles that have seat belts.
  • Stay clear of jammed, overloaded, top-heavy buses and also minivans.
  • Avoid riding on motorbikes or motorcycles, specifically motorcycle taxis. (Several accidents are brought on by unskilled motorbike motorists.)
  • Select newer cars– they may have more safety and security attributes, such as airbags, as well as be more trusted.
  • Select bigger automobiles, which may give more defense in accidents.

Think of the vehicle driver.

  • Do not drive after drinking alcohol or flight with somebody who has been drinking.
  • Take into consideration working with a certified, qualified vehicle driver acquainted with the area.
  • Prepare settlement prior to departing.

Follow fundamental security ideas.

  • Wear a seatbelt at all times.
  • Sit in the rear of vehicles and also taxis.
  • When on motorbikes or bicycles, constantly put on a helmet. (Bring a safety helmet from residence, if required.)
  • Stay clear of driving at night; street lighting in particular parts of Costa Rica may be inadequate.
  • Do not utilize a cell phone or message while driving (unlawful in lots of countries).
  • Traveling throughout daylight hours just, particularly in backwoods.
  • If you select to drive a vehicle in Costa Rica, find out the neighborhood traffic laws and have the proper documentation.
  • Obtain any kind of driving allows and also insurance you may require. Obtain an International Driving License (IDP). Lug the IDP as well as a US-issued chauffeur’s permit at all times.
  • Contact your automobile insurance policy’s global protection, and obtain even more protection if required. See to it you have liability insurance.
  • Avoid making use of regional, unscheduled aircraft.
  • When possible, fly on larger airplanes (more than 30 seats); larger planes are more probable to have routine safety and security evaluations.
  • Attempt to schedule flights during daylight hrs as well as in excellent weather condition.
Medical Emptying Insurance

If you are seriously damaged, emergency situation treatment may not be available or may not satisfy United States criteria. Injury care facilities are unusual outside urban areas. Having clinical discharge insurance can be valuable for these reasons.

Useful Resources

Roadway Security Overseas (Information from the United States Division of State): Includes ideas on driving in various other nations, International Driving Allows, automobile insurance, and also other sources.

The Organization for International Road Travel has country-specific Road Traveling News readily available for a lot of nations for a minimal cost.

For details traffic safety and security as well as road conditions in Costa Rica, see Travel and Transportation on United States Division of State’s country-specific info for Costa Rica.



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