CAMPING VEREH COSTA RICA-camp in the cloud woodland

SORRY, WE ARE CLOSED TO CAMPERS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE We are making a couple of exemptions for family members and also scientists who intend to rent out the platforms.Press the buttons

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THAT? – We are a United States family members that has actually been offering camping on our 200 acre hill of rain forest since 1974. You will certainly be camping deep in the Talamanca Hills past the reach of electrical energy. Due to the fact that our book is remote as well as hard to find, it is an enchanting experience, like residing in a time warp. You’ll see that people right here live as their terrific, great grandparents did one a century earlier, except that they now have one solar panel which allows them to bill their cellular phone for more images! There is no net service on The Book. The campers who have actually paid to remain right here have all added to maintaining the jungle active as well as growing. Your dollars are all made use of for maintaining the get secured as well as for paying salaries to local people, making their lives better. Our former names were: Talamanca Treks,,, and Camping San Augustin.


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