Camping in Costa Rica

Camping in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is a small country with the largest concentration of biodiversity on the planet. With over 50 micro-climates one can visit in a few hours there are virtually limitless opportunities for new camping experiences. Camping in Costa Rica can be in dense tropical rain-forests, dry grasslands of the North, overlooking beaches on rocky cliffs or finding our tent in foggy high altitude mountain peaks. With the different terrains, brings many various animals. Before you set out on your trip, be sure to familiarise yourself with a camping trip wire alarm to catch a glimpse at the local wildlife.

Check out our Costa Rica Campsite map for up to date campsites to find the best camping options in Costa Rica like National Parks, beach camping, and also wild-camping options in Costa Rica.

Located in Central America, Costa Rica is a country with beautiful beaches, exotic rain-forests and refreshing mountain environments, plenty of variety for the most discriminating travelers. But finding the perfect place to experience the most of Costa Rica can be difficult if you’re looking at resorts or hotels that are centered in one region or another. Now you can go anywhere in Costa Rica without the need to buy an adventure tour or a room at a resort. With Nomad America you can experience the real Costa Rica roadtrip, complete with all the equipment you need to truly live the Costa Rica Pura Vida Lifestyle.

4×4 Rental Costa Rica Roadtrip

Take your family or group of friends on the adventure of a lifetime in an all-terrain 4×4 Rental Costa Rica style. Barrel across rugged roads to the spots you don’t always see in the tourist guides, just you, your group of friends, or your family on an unforgettable road-trip. Camp under the stars in the wilderness between nature and civilization. Everything you’ll need during your trip is included: rainproof camping gear and rooftop tents, sleeping bags, a gas stove, headlamps, and even bug repellent. If you want a more natural bug repellent, you can check out Quantum Health online to see which ones you can get to keep safe on your travels. For your Costa Rica Roadtrip you can also rent surfboards, snorkeling equipment, kayaks, or mountain bikes, so you can take over beaches or mountains and explore the hidden beauty of the area. Visit one of the many national parks in Costa Rica and catch sight of animals right where you are.

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Nomad America Testimonials

The only way to see Costa Rica! All cars are thoughtfully equipped with everything you could possibly need and more. Thank you Fabio!

Racquel d’Cambre

Our trip was awesome thanks to Fabio! He was right on time to meet us at the airport and when we dropped the car off. Having wifi in the car and navigation made getting around flawless. Being able to do our own thing and be on our own schedule was worth every penny. The tent on top of the car was the coolest thing ever, most likely getting one for my truck. I would highly recommend Fabio and his company. His trucks and equipment were all in great shape.

Mike Geary

Absolutely amazing! If you are going to Costa Rica this is the way to get around and travel! We started in Arenal and made our way out to the Guanacaste coast line and cruised around at our own pace, wandering and finding some of the best places to stay for the night with no one around. The cars are awesome, and Fabio is just an all around awesome person to work with! Would rent from him again in a heart beat! We hope that he continues to expand his business!

Melinda Brown

An incredible trip all around costa rica with those cars! We were 10 people divided in 2 4×4 and we had more equipment than necessary! Gps,integrated wifi ,cellphone,tents ,air matress, sleeping bags everything was in there. They gave us the cars directly at the airport with an excellent service. A huge thanks to Fabio and all the guys from nomad america!

J’S Pena

We had an incredible awesome time in Costa Rica, thanks to nomad america, fabio and his team! Everything was working according to plan and was just perfect. The people of nomad america are so friendly and helpful. If you you wanna have an unforgettable adventure in central america –> go nomad america! 🙂

Thomas Brandenburger

Just returned our vehicle and Fabio and team at Nomad America provided the best service! They were there waiting for us when we arrived. Small issue with the battery and they had someone drive a replacement vehicle right to our hotel without any inconvenience. I would definitely recommend using them!

Trent Berrier

We had the best 2 weeks of our lives wandering around Costa Rica in our gorgeous Defender. Thank you Fabio for helping us arrange such a great holiday.

Victoria Back



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