< img src ="" > Deluxe Service as well as Small Groups!” Adventours Costa Rica is your best choice for personalized solution, distinct trips & qualified overviews! Experience is our way of life as well as Costa Rica’s district of Guanacaste is our play ground! We are passionate about what we do and also we are eagerly anticipating sharing our enthusiasm for this gorgeous country with You! See you in Costa Rica!”


BORINQUEN Falls & Experience (A-1)

< img src ="" width= "160" elevation =" 89" alt =""/ >+ Scenic Horseback Riding( this is
optional and also takes about 45min) + Zip-Lining Experience( 12 runs along and across canyon and also substantial falls!!)+ Activ Volcanic Website ( with fumaroles & bubbling hot mud pots)
+ All-natural Volcanic Sauna, Mud & Hot Springs
+ Deluxe Lunch
( lots of delicious alternatives)
>> > CALL US

BUENAVISTA Household Journey (A-2)

< img src= "" width =" 160" height =" 107" alt=" "/ >+ Hanging Bridges Stroll (12 bridges as well as optional)+ Zip-Lining Experience( 10 runs and mostlz with the treetops)+ Forest Waterslide( Extreme: 400yds and truly fast!)
+ Social Experience (Coffee, Pottery as well as wood-oven baked treats)
+ Horseback Riding (Optional and regarding 45min)
+ Volcanic Sauna, Mud & Natural Hot Springs
+ Deluxe Lunch Buffet
( with great deals of options!)
>> > GET IN TOUCH WITH United States

SEQUIN Journey Combo (A-3)

< img src= "" size=" 160" elevation=" 89 "alt=""/ > +Extreme Oceanview Zip-Lines (lengthiest & greatest in CR
! )+ 30-foot complimentary fall “Quick Dive”
+ Hanging Bridge over crocodiles
+ Wildlife Refuge
( with sloths, jaguars, pumas, apes, crocs, birds & even more)
+ Jungle Program (reduced ropes course) & Sea Devices (SUP, Kayaks, Snorkel)
+ Buffet Lunch at Oceanoview Restaurant
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WILD CANYON Adrenaline Combo (A-4)

< img src="" size =" 160" elevation= “120” alt= “”/ >+ Zip-Lining Journey
( 8 interesting runs along & across canyon) +Rappel & Climbing Wall( optional and on a 45ft canyon wall surface )+ Rafting OR Tubes on Course 2-3 river( 45-60min on 2-person-rafts)+ Falls Swim (as long as weather is favorable)
+ Buffet Lunch with a sight of the Canyon
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PALO VERDE Wildlife Boat-Trip (N-1)

< img src=" "size =” 160″ elevation=” 106″ alt=” “/ >+ Cultural Drive via little villages, sugar walking cane as well as melon ranches+ Boat Excursion with Palo Verde Wetlands( with shade cover -concerning 1.5 hrs )+ Animal Viewing( generally crocs, apes, iguanas, aboundance of birds & even more)+ Optional Ceramic Excursion( & memento purchasing)
+ Delicious & Genuine Lunch (different alternatives)
+ ++ ADD Zip-lining or Coffee Hacienda Tour( Exclusive Journeys Only!

) >> > CALL United States FALLS & VOLCANO Experience (N-2)< img src="" size=" 160" height= "120" alt=

“”/ >+ Waterfall Swim (swimming as

long as climate agrees with)+ Nature Hike for around 1.5 hrs (possibilities to detect wildlife) +See “Seasonal Waterfall” during Nature Walk+ Energetic Volcanic Sites( fumaroles, bubbling mud pots & sulphur fish ponds )+ Natural Volcanic Mud & Hot Springs+ Delicious Lunch( numerous various alternatives )>> > GET IN TOUCH WITH United States RAINFOREST Nature & Sloth Trip( N-3)< img src="" size
=” 160″ elevation=

” 120″ alt=” “/ >+ Breathtaking Drive through the

Climate Divide into the jungle+ Hike on well kept tracks with the Exotic Rainforest( approx 1.5 humans resources)+ Optional: Walk over Hanging Bridges with the rain forest‘s treetops+ Wild animals Walk( see sloths, tree frogs, poison dart frogs, butterflies, birds and even more) +Authentic Costarican Lunch( a number of alternatives )>> > CONTACT United States WILDLIFE River Float & Sloth Journey( N-4)< img src="" width=" 160" elevation=" 146" alt=""/ >+ Trip is concentrated on

seeing the most amount of Wildlife in eventually!+

Great outing for every ages!+ Floating (2hrs )on Rio Corobici( Tropiocal Dry Forest/Riverine Woodland )+ Expected Wildlife throughout floating: Monkeys, Lizards, Iguanas, Range of birds, crocs & a lot more+ Nature Stroll( easy 1.5 humans resources
) within the Exotic Rainforest+ Expected Wild animals in rainforest: Sloths, Frogs
, Birds, Butterflies & much more +Authentic Costarican Lunch( sevral wonderful choices) >> > CALL US FALLS CHASING Exclusive Trip( N-5 )< img src="" width =” 160″ elevation= “131” alt
=””/ >

+ We will certainly reveal you Guanacaste’s the majority of beautiful waterfalls!+” Llanos de Cortes” Falls( risk-free for youngsters- sand bottommed and also superficial)+” El Salto” Falls( safe for youngsters- sand bottommed)+ The 3rd falls is a surprise of the day( we have a number of to choose

from )+ You can swim in a minimum of 2 of the three waterfalls(
as long as climate agrees with)!+ Genuine Costarican Lunch( numerous excellent choices!)
>> > GET IN TOUCH WITH US RIO CELESTE Waterfall & Rain Forest (N-6)
< img src=" "width=" 160" elevation= "128" alt=" "/ > +Rain forest Walk( tool difficult- about 3hrs with great deals of stairways)+ Celeste River with its famous Falls( no swim), Blue Shallows as well as extra +Learn everything about the rainforest community with our nature guide!+ Waterfall Swim at” Llanos de Cortes”

Falls (as long as climate is favorable) >> > CALL United States BIRDWATCHING Custom-made Scenic Tours( N-7)< img src="" size=" 160" elevation=" 162" alt=""/ >

+ We will match you up with an expert birdwatching guide!.?.!! +We will
help you composing a list of bird sightings of the day for your documents!.?.!!+ The itinerary is exceptionally versatile and completely function driven+ Allow us understand whichlocation you would such as to go birding at: A) Tropical Dry Forest( Santa Rosa/Guanacaste Natl Parks)B) Coastal Dry Woodland & Mangroves( Flamingo/Tamarindo Areas) C) Exotic Dry Woodland & Wetlands( Rio Canas/Rio Tempisque) D) Premontane Moist Forest change to Jungle( Rincon de la Vieja) E) Exotic Jungle( Miravalles-Tenorio Biological Passage) F) Tropical Cloud Forest( Monteverde/Santa Elena Areas)+ Authentic Costarican Lunch( numerous delicious options) >> >

GET IN TOUCH WITH US WATERFALL & Liberia City Scenic Tour( N-8)< img src= " ” width= “160 “height=” 120 “alt =””/ >+ Falls Swim & Chill at “Llanos de Cortes” Waterfall( swimming is possible as well as secure even for kids as long as

weather conditions agree with as they normally are)+ Liberia CityExcursion and also Keepsake Buying+ Genuine Costarican Lunch (serveral delicious options)+++ ADD Zip-Lining (Exclusive Tours Just!) >> > GET IN TOUCH WITH United States ARENAL DELUXE Combos( N9 A-D)< img src ="" size=" 160 "elevation=" 106" alt=""/ > +Scenic Drive with Guanacaste district & around Lake Arenal+ Big Morning meal( several tasty choices)
forgeting Lake Arenal+ All-natural Volcanic Hot Springs & very early Supper+ Choose ONE of 4 DELUXE COMBOS (A, B, C or D) to complete the best day at the rainforest: A) Trek onto lava route+ Walk to Falls B) Trek onto lava path+ Sloth Get( sloths, tree frogs, birds & even more)

C )Hanging Bridges Walk( 2-3hrs )D) Severe Zip-Lining Experience (+$ 40pp over base price) >> > GET IN TOUCH WITH US ARENAL Rain Forest & Hot Springs( N-10)< img src ="" width=" 160" elevation =" 106" alt=""/ >+ Breathtaking Drive via Guanacaste province & around Lake Arenal+ Big Morning meal (several scrumptious choices

) forgeting Lake Arenal

+ Jungle Hike near the volcano(

1.5-2hrs )+ Volcanic Hot Springs with a view of the volcano( climate providing
) +Delicious Lunch (numerous alternatives) >> > CALL United States MONTEVERDE DELUXE Combos( N11 A-D)< img src ="" size =" 160" height=" 106" alt =""/ > +Scenic Drive via Guanacaste District to the cooler Environment Divide+ Experience the unusual Tropical Cloud Woodland + Delicious Lunch (several fantastic alternatives!)
+ Choose AMONG 4 DELUXE COMBOS (A, B, C or
D) to complete the ideal day in the cloud woodland: A)
Hanging Bridges Walking, Hummingbirds & Butterfly Yard B) Extreme Zip-Lining+ Hummingbirds & Butterfly Garden C)

Nature & Wildlife Walking +Coffee & Cocoa Tour D) Severe Zip-Lining+ Hanging Bridges Hike( +$ 20pp over base rate )>> > CALL United States MONTEVERDE Cloud Forest Marvels( N-12)< img src =" "width=" 152 “elevation =” 228 “alt=” “/ >+ Beautiful Drive through Guanacaste District to the cooler Climate Split+ Visit a stunning Waterfall+ Experience the unusual Tropical Cloud Woodland throughout a Guided Walking +Delicious

Lunch( a number of excellent options!)

>> > GET IN TOUCH WITH United States CLASS III-IV RAFTING Rio Tenorio( R-1 )< img src="" width=" 160 "height=" 106" alt= ""/ >

+ Course 3-4 White-Water Rafting (approx. 2hrs) on Tenorio River +Hands-On Rafting Journey (no previous experience needed) +Wild animals viewing along the river’s stunning jungle views+ Refreshments & Delicious Lunch (several alternatives )>> > CONTACT US COURSE II-III RAFTING Colorado & Falls (R-2) + Class 2-3 Rafting Enjoyable on 2-person-rafts( regarding 45-60 minutes )+

Opportunities to identify Wild animals along river’s shore

+ Falls Expedition & perhaps swim( if conditions permit )+ Delicious Lunch Buffet( lotsof choices )>> > CONTACT United States VERY EASY FLOATING Wild Animals & Falls( R-3 )< img src ="" width=" 160 "height=" 106" alt=""/ >+ Drifting( 2hrs) on Corobici River( secure for any ages)+ Wildlife watching: Birds, Monkeys, Iguanas, Bats, little Crocs

, Bats and also more+ Waterfall Swim at” Llanos de Cortes “Falls (if conditions enable)+ Genuine Costarican Lunch (a number of alternatives)+++ ADD a see of the” Las Pumas Wild Animals Rescue Facility” for +$ 15pp( Exclusive Tours only )>> >GET IN TOUCH WITH United States COFFEE RANCH & Ceramic Tour( C-1)
< img

src=”” width=” 160″ height=” 99″ alt=””/ >+ Check out our rural and also folclorical Guanacaste areas+ Coffee Trip( learn everything about the process!)+ Ceramic Tour at the conventional community of Guaitil+ Opportunities to shop for mementos+ Delicious Costarican Lunch by among CR’s earliest churches >> >CALL United States COASTLINE HOPPING 4 Coastlines( E-1)< img src= " "size=" 160 "height=" 56” alt=””/ >+ According to your choice we will certainly take you
to see: A) A lot of

Attractive White-Sand Beaches around Flamingo/Potrero B) Tamarindo and the location’s Browsing Beaches C) Playa de Coco as well as the calm Volcanic Dark-Sand Beaches+ Opportunities to go shopping keepsakes and also get lunch at your own convenience >> > CONTACT United States ZIP-LINING Experience (E-2) +Zip-Lining Journey with and over
the treetops +10 various and also interesting runs+ Opportunities to identify Wildlife+ ++ ADD a 2hr EXTREME & tough ATV Trip for+$ 60pp

>> > GET IN TOUCH WITH United States HORSEBACK RIDING( E-3)< img src ="" size=" 154" elevation=" 147" alt=""/ >

+ Horseback Riding( 2hrs+)

to the coastlines+ Swim in the Ocean & Snorkel+ Cultural Tortilla-making
+ ++ ADD a great Zip-Lining Excursion in capitals overlooking the shore for +$ 60pp >> > GET IN TOUCH WITH US REGIONAL HIKING Challenge(E-4)< img src="" width=" 160" elevation= "91 "alt =" “/ >+ Hike around the seaside hills with spectacular views+ Await a cardio-challenge: Steep- Hot- Moist-

Bright:-RRB- +Rewarding Sights!+ Opportunities to Area Wild Animals+ We will certainly unwind by the beach as well as an amazing beverage after the walking! >> > CONTACT US LUXURY CATAMARAN Private Charters( E-5A)< img src="" width=" 160"

elevation=” 89″ alt=””/ >+ A Lot Of Deluxe Catamaran on the Coastline+ HalfDays, Full Days and also Overnight Charters+ 45 ‘Shallows with 4 full cabins( sleeps 6
+ 2
crew)+ Sail along our beautiful shoreline as well as find concealed beaches!.? .!!+ Snorkeling Tour included+ Opportunities to detect Marine Life: Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Rays and also Whales+ All Drinks, Snacks and Cuisines consisted of >> >GET IN TOUCH WITH US

CATAMARAN Daily Charters( E-5

) + Cruise along our attractive coastline and also

discover covert coastlines!.?.!! + Snorkeling Tour included+ Opportunities to detect Marine Life: Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Rays as well as even Whales+ All Drinks, Snacks and also Foods included >> > RATES FROM$ 85/Person( ASK United States ABOUT PRIVATE CHARTERS E-5A)

>> > CALL United States SPORTFISHING Charter( E-6)< img
src=”” size

=” 160″ elevation=”106″ alt=””/ >+ Our featured Angling Trips all have specialist staffs, watercrafts as well as

tools+ All gear, take on and

bait is included+ Refreshemts, Beer, Snacks and also Fruit on all journeys! Lunch on Complete Days!+ Opportunities to find Marine Life: Dolphins,

Sea Turtles, Rays and even Whales A) 31-33 ‘ Boats( up to 5 persons):$ 700+ tax obligation (half days)/$ 1300+ tax obligation( complete days) B )36-37’ Watercrafts (up to 7 individuals)
: $1000+ tax (half days)/$ 1600+ tax obligation( complete days) C) 42′ -44′ Watercrafts( up to 8 persons): $1450+ tax obligation( fifty percent days)/$ 2100+ tax obligation (complete days )D) 50

‘Boats (as much as 10 individuals):$ 1850+ tax (half days)

/$ 2200 +tax obligation( full days) >> > CALL US */. Source

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