10 Finest Costa Rican Foods to Try

10 Finest Costa Rican Foods to Try

Gallo Pinto is a favorite Costa Rican food of many. Gallo Pinto is a staple of Costa Rica made of rice with black beans.A large serving of white rice and also black beans cooked with each other, gallo pinto, which converts to “discovered fowl” in Spanish, is a local preferred usually eaten throughout morning meal. This trademark food is frequently accompanied by cut veggies, fried eggs, plantains and sausages.

The dish came from the 1900s and also features an intriguing neighborhood backstory (according to some!); tale says that a farm-owner invested months fattening up a discovered rooster for a party, yet the information of the event spread throughout the village as well as the number of guests boosted. The kitchen area personnel after that created a strategy to blend a big batch of rice as well as beans to expand the return of the hen, and also therefore, a new dish was made!

Where to discover it: La Criollita in San Jose uses the most effective gallo pinto about, offered in traditional tico excitement as well as a homely ambiance. You can likewise locate the origins of this Costa Rican food in San Sebastian.

Top suggestions:

  • Consume this conventional tico morning meal with tortillas and also the Costa Rican favored, Salsa Lizano, a spicy sauce made from flavors and also vegetables
  • Couple the meal with agua dulce, a warm, sweet beverage made from unrefined sugar


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